Cole’s Dilemma

Author: Stephanie Fowers
Category: Romance
Total pages: 135

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Cole’s Dilemma
Shhh! Eva Trout has a heart of gold, but she'd like to keep that under wraps--thank you very much--especially, since that expensive ticker is wrapped around the best man she's ever known, West Slade! Sure, that lovable bad boy isn't fabulous at showing his feelings, but she knows that he's head over heels in love with her!

Why else would he agree to marry her? Now Eva will do anything to fit in with West's family, but why is his brother so mean?

Cole Slade wants nothing to do with his scheming older brother, but when West brings his fiancee home to Harvest Ranch to meet the family, he's floored. West is marrying the socialite for her money, but what does this stunning beauty possibly see in West?

And now West has the nerve to ask Cole to watch over his fiancee while he takes care of their ailing mother. Eva's a rich heiress worth billions, a charming and flirtatious influencer with her share of stalkers, what could possibly go wrong?

How about everything?
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