These Broken Hours

Author: B.B. Hamel
Category: Romance | Crime | Dark
Total pages: 77

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These Broken Hours

Betray me. Break me. Leave me wanting more.

Nolan Vandello turned my life into a smoking ruin the day I sent him to prison.

He’s the source of all my fear and mourning: the reason my mother’s gone, the reason I’m stuck in a dead-end town, and the reason I hate myself as much as I despise him.

But the longing is deep in my bones, and when I need his help again seven years later, it’s like our horrible past never happened.

Nolan is still the gorgeous boy that stole my heart and made me feel safe, only now he’s taller, broader, devilishly handsome, and exceedingly dangerous.

We strike a deal: if he fixes my little sister’s blackmail problem, I’ll solve the mystery of who really betrayed him all those years ago.

One last job together and then we’ll never speak again.

But nothing’s ever simple with Nolan and it turns out what he really wants is a lot bigger than the truth.

I’ll give him so much more than I ever imagined, and that won’t be enough to quiet his darkest hunger.

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