Sheriff Daddy (Montana Daddies 10)

Author: Laylah Roberts
Category: Romance | Erotic | Adult
Series: Montana Daddies
Total pages: 214

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Sheriff Daddy (Montana Daddies 10)

Georgina James had always strived to be better, smarter, stronger, faster.
Frankly, it was exhausting.
Drawn back to Wishingbone, she can't stop thinking about the handsome, overprotective, entirely-too bossy sheriff.
Ed doesn't know why he's so intrigued by the closed-off FBI agent. But there's something about her that tugs at his every Daddy instinct. He wants to coddle her, protect her, put her over his knee . . .
But when someone from Georgina's past returns, she might not survive long enough to get her happy-ever-after.

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