Her Daddies Saving Grace (Montana Daddies 11)

Author: Laylah Roberts
Category: Romance | Adult | Erotic
Series: Montana Daddies
Total pages: 239

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Her Daddies Saving Grace (Montana Daddies 11)

Can she find happiness with not one Daddy but two?

A childhood tragedy made Juliet withdraw into herself. Only the love of her overprotective, insane brother helped pull her out... sort of.
Xavier cares for Juliet, looks after her, but knows she is too fragile for his darker needs.
Then grouchy, bossy Brick barrels his way into her life. Brick isn’t subtle, and he doesn’t like the word no.
And Xavier realizes too late that Juliet is his.
Because now, she’s Brick’s.
The question is, can two strangers share the same woman?

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