My Bratva Christmas

Author: Mika Lane
Category: Romance | Erotic | Crime | Adult
Total pages: 30

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My Bratva Christmas

This Christmas, bullets will fly and my heart will be on the line.
As a party planner, I watch the rich and powerful glitterati of New York enjoy the fruits of my back-breaking labor.
Caviar? Check. Champagne? Check. Flowers imported from the far corners of the earth?
And when it’s all done, I go home.
If I’m lucky, with leftover food from the caterer.
But a Christmas Eve party shootout changes everything.
Three handsome men with guns kill all the bad guys…
And abduct me.
One minute, I’m a hard-working party planner. The next, I’m a prisoner.
These men claim I’m in danger. And the only way to protect me is by abduction.
So, I end up kidnapped by the terrifying, dangerous Russian Bratva, New York’s powerful crime syndicate.
And yet, just beneath the surface of my fear is a blazing, unsettling attraction.
When I wake on Christmas morning at their hideout, everything changes.
These violent killers have a soft side.
Lavishing me with attention and gifts.
Until, all I want for Christmas is—them.

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