A Christmas Baby for the Cowboy

Author: Mia Brody
Category: Romance | Western
Total pages: 18

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A Christmas Baby for the Cowboy

Geeky bartender seeks virile cowboy. Must love gingerbread, ugly sweaters, and making out by the fire.


My best friend and I have a pact. Every year, he gets me something I really want for Christmas and well, this year I’d like to have a baby. Except I don’t want it to be just anybody’s baby. I want it to be Ledger’s baby.

I’m not bold enough to tell him this until I get a little bit drunk one night and spill the beans. I thought he’d turn me down but the next morning, I wake to discover that Ledger is considering it.

He has conditions but only one of them makes me gulp: Ledger wants to make our child the old-fashioned way with lots of long, sweaty moments. But will the chemistry that burns between us forever change our friendship?


My best friend wants me to breed her. A noble man would tell her no. Good thing no one has ever accused me of being that.

I know this moment with Peyton is exactly what I’ve been waiting for, so I insist on conditions. Mainly that we try making the baby the old-fashioned way. After all, this is my chance to finally convince my best friend that we’re meant to be.

If you’re looking for a dual virgin romance novella with a cinnamon roll hero, it’s time to meet Ledger in A Christmas Baby for the Cowboy.

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