Family: The Skulls and Chaos Bleeds Christmas Special

Family. That's what The Skulls and Chaos Bleeds have been like for years. They've helped each other through their darkest times and celebrated their successes.

Christmas is around the corner and Angel wants to invite the club and host the festivities for the year. She wants a full, extended family Christmas.

Lash would have been happier just going away, taking his wife to a nice hot beach for some alone time. But he's a family man now. He has children and he's the President of The Skulls MC. And he will always give his wife what she wants.

So, for Christmas, Chaos Bleeds is coming to Fort Wills. He cannot guarantee it will be peaceful.

Family they may be, but they are still two different clubs, and when the competitions start, he has no idea how far things will go. But it’s Christmas and as long as Lash gets his woman in a bow for him to unwrap, he is more than willing to give her what she wants.

For Angel, this is a dream come true. Having the clubs together is a time for them to love one another, to cherish what they have, and above all else, for them to take a moment to remember those no longer with them.

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