A Baby for the Outcast

Author: Cassie Mint
Category: Erotic | Romance | New Adult
Total pages: 26

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A Baby for the Outcast

My new job is with a famous painter in the mountains.

But great art isn’t all he’s about to create.

Rufus Grangemoor limps about the mountainside like a surly lord from another age. He’s grumpy and so talented and twice my age, and most of all, he’s my boss. All good reasons not to crush on him.

But with each passing day… okay, you’ve got me. This man is under my skin. All I want to do is crawl into his lap and beg for a kiss.

He’s warming to me too. Or he stares a lot, anyway. Am I reading this all wrong? Could we really be together?

Then sparks fly during one stormy night, and suddenly there’s more than my heart at stake.

I need to tell my grumpy boss I’m carrying his baby.

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