Heart Throb

Author: Tamrin Banks
Category: Romance
Total pages: 18

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Heart Throb

Maxwell Wilde:
My brother is pushing our company to new and better jobs. His fiance has managed to get us a pretty easy job for a famous actress who bought a retreat in the mountains. He asked me to do the job.
As soon as I meet her, I know I'm in trouble. I've never wanted a woman as much as I do this one. She's nothing like I pictured. She's beautiful and too sweet for the likes of me.
Can I get the job done and get out with my heart intact?
Aster Petrov:
I just need a place to get away from crazy deadlines, persistent fans and horrible co-workers.
Maxwell Wilde makes me feel something I've never felt before. He makes me feel like I'm finally home. I've always lived life on the move.
He has a reputation with the ladies though and I'm not sure that his flirting is as serious as it feels.
Should I take a chance on the bad boy of the Wilde family or run away while my heart is still relatively intact?

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