Twelve of Roses (Bitter & Sick)

Author: Natalie Bennett
Category: Erotic | Romance
Total pages: 34

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Twelve of Roses (Bitter & Sick)

His love is not patient.
His love is not kind.
His love is sick and obsessive, just like mine.

I never admitted how much I liked the vile things he did—not when escaping him was the only way for me to live.

Leaving destroyed both of us.

Now, a ghost from my past has begun reaching out from beyond the grave, creating a trail of corpses that threaten to reveal who and what I really am.

All I have to do to stop it is uphold my end of a broken promise.

See, a love like ours fed a bittersweet infatuation that ensured together we’d rot, but the day I left there was barely one body instead of two.

And someone wants me to keep my word.

Till death, do we never part.

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