Santa Claws

Author: Sarah Spade
Category: Romance | Paranormal
Total pages: 83

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Santa Claws

It's Mal's first Christmas, and I'm going to make it one to remember...

It’s been seven months since I made the impulsive decision to mate my monster, and I don’t think I could be happier. Malphas is a sweet soul in a delicious seven-foot frame, and even if our relationship is the definition of instalove, I don’t regret a second of being with my shadow demon.

I know he misses Sombra, though. And while we’re planning on visiting his realm in the new year, I’m hoping to distract him with the upcoming holiday season.

Mal marvels over the little things I take for granted every day. How will he react to snowflakes, tinsel, Christmas trees, and the legend of Santa Claus?

Or, as he thinks of the big guy in red, Santa Claws?

Despite not being the biggest fan of the holidays, I want him to enjoy our first Christmas together. Sharing with him my family’s traditions, creating some of our own… even figuring out the perfect gift for him. I can’t wait to surprise him with what I got Mal—

—though I’m pretty sure I’m the one who ends up the most stunned when I discover that mating on the night of the gold moon has consequences that no one warned me about…