Once Upon an Orc (Alpha Horde The Orcs Return)

I felt nothing. Remembered nothing. Then, she touched me…

Gathred’s life as a killing machine suited him. Waking up after an explosion with no memory, no past and no future, he does as his clan orders. But when the clan leader raises his sword at the wild, blonde daughter their human rival, his loyalty changes hands. The tiny human’s touch makes him remember things better left behind.

Aleena longs for the simple times before the orcs returned. Now, she’s her father’s right hand as he lords over the largest illegal orc street drug ring in the occupied territory. When they are attacked, she’s trapped with the enemy and she’s down for the fight. Only, this orc is different with white eyes and a strange power that makes her want to knell at his feet. He is her captor, her enemy but her heart is soon caught in the crossfire.

She becomes his salvation, but is he her doom? This mighty, orc knows what he wants, and nothing will stop him from claiming his mate. And binding her to him in a way that cannot be undone.