Five Country Singers' Betrothed (Love by Numbers 2)

Author: Nicole Casey
Category: Erotic | Romance
Total pages: 62

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Five Country Singers' Betrothed (Love by Numbers 2)

Working on a ranch with my enigmatic childhood crush has never been more complicated, especially when I find myself falling for his four smokin' hot bandmates too.

After my disastrous breakup with a music producer who thinks he's the king of the world, I vow to never let another man control me. But when my record label offers me the chance to work with a rising country band in my hometown, my resolve is put to the test.

I went back to my hometown and reunited with Ryder, my childhood best friend's brother. Ryder is still the passionate artist I remember, and the man I've always had a thing for. He left after that sinful night, and we haven't spoken since. As we worked on the single together, our chemistry ignited like a wildfire.

But here's the catch: Ryder is already in a relationship with another woman. It feels like we have some unfinished business between us, and the thought of a second chance with him has left me feeling achy and needy.

And then there are his bandmates, each offering something different….
Wyatt, with smoldering eyes and rough hands, has a primal edge that leaves me yearning for his touch.
Carson, the charismatic bad boy, has a way with words that leaves me breathless.
Jesse, the devoted single father with rock-hard abs, inspires me with his selflessness and passion.
And then there's Amos, the laid-back lead singer, whose playful nature and sensual voice have me falling under his spell.

Put them all together, and my body is on fire. The thought of experiencing them all at once has my heart racing with excitement - and my imagination running wild.

But my heart is torn in a million directions. I don't know where I belong.
The thought of leaving the these five captivating men behind is unbearable, but I have a life back in the city.
And the more I indulge in this fantasy, the harder it becomes to ignore the painful reality: Ryder is already with someone else, and I am just a temporary guest on their ranch.

Can I really have it all - the music and the love, the city and the countryside - or is this just a fleeting moment of passion and desire?

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