Moth to a Flame

Author: K. Webster
Category: Romance | Billionaire Romance | Dark | Adult
Total pages: 63

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Moth to a Flame

All I’ve known is heartache and pain.
Everyone I’ve ever cared about has left me.
I’m a lonely man living an empty, dead life.
It’s hard to imagine a future where I begin to feel again.

But I do.
I meet her—a woman full of secrets and pain that mirrors my own.
Together we find solace in each other.

She’s guarded and cautious.
Her past has left her completely terrified.
All I want to do is hold her and keep her safe.

But the past doesn’t stay there.
It’s ugly and cruel and will hunt her down with a vengeance.

I’ll do anything to save her from those nightmares come to life.
Even if she hates me for it.

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