Author: Audrey Bell
Category: Romance
Total pages: 26

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Can he save his childhood sweetheart from a loveless marriage? Or will he lose her forever?


When Lou Reynolds walked into my auto shop, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Fifteen years later and she was just as gorgeous as the day I’d left her back home in Baton Rouge when we were lovestruck teenagers. It was a stupid mistake I thought I would regret to my dying day.

And yet, Lou is right here in my backyard. Things are different now. I have a thriving business and the support of my MC. I can offer her a better life than I could have ever provided before. Maybe this is a sign that I can have that second chance I’d always dreamed of.

But Lou has an unwanted husband who isn’t willing to let her go that easily. He belongs to a Baton Rouge MC charter and he’s ready to start a war to get his wife back if that’s what it takes.


I’ve always had a weak spot for bad boys with big bikes and plenty of tattoos. But I screwed up when I married Jed Pruitt, President of the Devil’s Disciples. Now I just want to escape our suffocating marriage.

When I cross paths with Rooster Boden, my love for him comes bubbling up to the surface all over again. He broke my heart years ago when he rode away on his motorcycle, leaving me in his rearview mirror. I should hate Rooster for abandoning me, but I find myself tumbling into his bed instead.

When Jed finds out, there’s going to be blood. Can Rooster and I find our happily ever after? Or were we always destined to be torn apart as the miles stretched between us?