Vengeful Promise

Author: Winter Sloane
Category: Crime | Romance | Adult
Total pages: 21

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Vengeful Promise

Veronica Romano never wanted to be part of the Romano Familia. She’s made it clear to her father, the Don, that she wants to forge her own path. When she witnesses her father murdered before her very eyes, her priorities change. Veronica would be six-feet under by now, if it weren’t for Nikolai Baranov, her father’s best friend. Nikolai agrees to be her blade of vengeance under one condition—he wants to put a ring on her finger and make her exclusively his.

Nikolai Baranov agreed to marry Veronica Romano not because he’s noble. She’s been promised to him and Nikolai does not share his possessions. She’s his to do with as he pleases but he soon learns Veronica’s not like any other woman he’s been with. She’s fierce when provoked and will fight for those she loves with every breath in her body, just like him. Maybe they have more in common than Nikolai would ever care to admit.

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