Nightmare's Fall

Author: Dakota Brown
Category: Paranormal | Romance
Total pages: 81

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Nightmare's Fall

My perfect world has turned upside down. Adapting to the consequences of a childhood game isn't easy. I’m learning to love my new reality, but being the princess of Nightmare is dangerous. Not everyone is happy I've been found, and enemies are everywhere.

Prince Nic and Geraint are trying to keep me safe despite the nothingness storms that ravage the land, erasing everything in their path. Two of my princes are lost, an unstable despot controls the realm, and the fabric of Dream and Nightmare continues to unravel around us.

We’re racing against time, and I fear we're on the losing side. If we can't find the other princes and halt the destruction of my realm, I'll be left with nothing, not even dreams of what I’ve lost.