Three Bad Dads and a Desperate Girl

Author: Chloe Kent
Category: Romance | Adult
Total pages: 44

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Three Bad Dads and a Desperate Girl

Dakota Turner is a desperate girl forced to take the first job that comes her way and working for an immensely unsavory character doing mightily sketchy things like putting up a real diamond as ante in his poker matches then handing over a fake-ass one when he loses, is one of those jobs.

Except this one time, Dakota gets it wrong and now has to get the real diamond back from her boss’s opponent before he finds out about her massive blunder and throws her corpse into the river.

But her boss’s opponent is the most gorgeous man she has ever seen in her life and better... or worse he comes with two equally gorgeous friends. Still, all she has to do is get the diamond back, whatever it takes.

One minute they were carefree billionaires, the next Michael Newman, Preston Reyes, and Zachary West find themselves dads to their foster sister’s two kids and in need of a nanny, asap.

How Dakota manages to slide into the position of a nanny, she’ll never know since she can barely take care of herself properly to begin with, let alone two whole kids and three entirely too hot to handle dads.

And if she thinks stealing back the diamond will be like taking candy from a baby, she's wholly mistaken when she meets their dark and delicious bad dad sides.

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