Savage Assassin

Author: M. James
Category: Crime | Adult | Romance
Total pages: 71

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Savage Assassin

A man with no mercy wants my hand in marriage. But this princess won’t be bartered away.

My sister angered Diego Gonzalez, the most powerful cartel boss in Mexico, when she refused to bend to his will. Now, with her out of his reach, he’s turned his attention to the only means of getting his revenge–demanding that my father hand me over, or start a war.

But my father has alliances. And they send someone to rescue me. Someone who will turn my entire world upside down.

Levin Volkov is something out of a fantasy. Nearly two decades older than me, handsome beyond belief, a dangerous man–and an honorable one, who’s only job is to get me out of danger, and back to Boston where I can be safe with my sister. As far as he’s concerned, I’m a job, and nothing else.

But fate has other ideas. Before we know it, we’re stranded–trapped together with no hope of rescue, and the clock on our lives ticking away. I know there’s things I want to do before I die–and one of them is standing right in front of me.

Levin says I’m too young. Too innocent. That I’m his responsibility. That he’d never be able to live with himself if he did the things I want him to. But I’m old enough to know I don’t want to die a virgin–and that I want the one thing I never thought I’d have.

The chance to choose.

Levin Volkov thinks he’s all wrong for me. But this savage assassin is the one I want.

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