Promised to Daddy

Author: A.R. Taboo
Category: Erotic | Romance | Adult
Total pages: 6

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Promised to Daddy

“Are you ready for school yet, Hannah?” Daddy calls out for me as he comes into my room.

“Almost.” I’m leaning against the counter in my bathroom and putting on mascara.

“You look really pretty today.” He comes in and props his shoulder against the door jamb while he watches me.

He looks down at my body, and I stand up straight so he can see all of me. He loves to watch while I get dressed, and he usually gives me a little extra in my allowance if I wait for him. Today, I’m in a pair of baby blue panties and a matching bra.

“Thank you, Daddy.” I smile at him in the mirror and then put on my lip gloss.

I love when he watches me get ready. Or really anytime he watches me. My daddy is a busy and important man, but he always takes time to make me feel special. Especially when he looks at my body or hugs me extra close. Sometimes at night he’ll climb in my bed and hold me while I sleep, and those late-night cuddles make me feel like I’m the only girl in his world.

“Are you going to wear the present I gave you?”