Savage Love

Author: M. James
Category: Romance | Dark | Erotic | Adult
Total pages: 83

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Savage Love

They say be careful what you wish for. I never understood that until now.

I should be happy. I’m safely in Boston, reunited with my sister, and on the verge of a future I never dreamed was possible for myself. My life should look brighter than ever, on the other side of the dangers we faced in Rio.

But Levin is gone. And without him, it feels like nothing is as it should be. Until the unexpected happens–the one thing that could bring him back to my side.

I’m pregnant.

Levin is a good man. An honorable one. There’s never any question that he’ll come back to me, be a father to our child–and marry me, if that’s what I want. But Levin is still a man haunted by past loss. He wants to make me happy, but the one thing I want is the one thing he can’t give me.

His heart.

Levin is the man I want. And I’m willing to fight for this love.


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