Naughty Lessons

Author: Ajme Williams
Category: Romance | Erotic
Total pages: 160

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Naughty Lessons

A little bit of harmless fun on an online platform led to the biggest scandal of my life... and three hot professors in my bed.

“Welcome to Naughty Lessons. Are you ready for the hottest class of your life?”

It took one touch from them to turn my nice into naughty.

But it wasn’t just my body they had...

They also had my heart.

Elijah, a literary genius, instantly transported me to the Victoria era of romance.
Noah’s charm and expertise on psychology helped me see the hidden strength in me.
And Benjamin, my astronomy professor, made it clear that I was meant to be with all three of them.

My story with these hot men might have looked like a fairytale.

But a university director’s dangerous obsession with me was landing us in deep trouble.

Now I needed my men to protect me.

That wasn’t all.

I also needed them to protect my heart while continuing to make my body tremble for them.

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