Dark Obsessions

Author: Effie Campbell
Category: Romance | Dark | Adult | Erotic
Total pages: 92

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Dark Obsessions

Tingles creep up my spine as I feel eyes on me. Something, or someone is watching.

My life is falling to pieces.

My boyfriend is hiding a secret and I’m determined to find out what it is. Why he has gone from cherishing me to hurting me?

But there is someone else determined to catch my attention. A masked man follows me, turns up at my home, and is determined to convince me to leave my no-good boyfriend. I fall under his spell, giving into the dark desires he drives within me, leading to dangerous liaisons with a man who's face I've never seen.

Can I figure out my boyfriends secret, or will the my dalliance with an obsessed man give way to feelings that will pull me apart? Will any of it matter when it comes down to love, or death?

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