Poisoned Vows

Author: M. James
Category: Erotic | Romance
Total pages: 90

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Poisoned Vows

I’ve never been anything but a means to an end. But now the most powerful man in Chicago wants to make me his…forever.

All my life I knew one thing about my father–that he wanted to be more than he was. More than a low-level nobody for the Chicago Bratva. And all my life, he’s groomed me to be his ticket to a seat at the table.

When he barters my innocence for that seat, the pakhan takes him up on his offer. I’m meant to be a plaything for the Bratva heir. Thrown away and discarded, all for a powerful man’s pleasure.

Except Nikolai Vasilev takes one look at me, and decides I’m his. Forever. He doesn’t just plan to take me to his bed. He demands that I marry him.

He’ll stop at nothing to own me, mind, soul and body. No matter how broken I am, no matter how I fight. He’s determined to make me his bride in every way–not just in name. And when he discovers what my father’s plan has been all along–he’ll stop at nothing to avenge me.

When passion and devotion meet violence and sin, there’s only one thing left to find out–

Can a lasting love spring from poisoned vows like these?

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