Seven Tattoo Artists and a Single Mom (Love by Numbers 2)

Author: Nicole Casey
Category: Romance | Erotic
Total pages: 67

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Seven Tattoo Artists and a Single Mom (Love by Numbers 2)

Who would've thought my life as a single mom could get tangled up with seven rugged tattoo artists?

My focus has always been on raising my daughter, shielding her from the scars of my past.

Love life? Non-existent.

Until my adventurous friend dragged me into Swan and Rose, a tattoo parlor that screamed trouble and temptation.

In a heartbeat, I'm thrust into a world of art, redemption, and seven sinfully alluring artists.

Yeah, you read that right—seven.

Each guy's got a past as colorful as their tattoos. And despite their rugged looks, they're hiding something more.

These guys aren't your typical next-door neighbors. They are ex-cons, each with a story that'll have you on the edge of your seat.

Yet, the connection I feel with them is electric.

Just when things couldn't get more complicated, my toxic ex reappears, threatening everything.

Suddenly, those inked bad boys turn into knights in shining armor, ready to protect me and my daughter.

Secrets unravel, desire ignites, and the intensity skyrockets.

Can a single mom like me find her place in this world of ink, attraction, and unexpected surprises?