Vicious Prince (Violent Kingdom)

Author: Lili St. Germain
Category: Dark | Romance | Erotic | Crime
Total pages: 46

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Vicious Prince (Violent Kingdom)

An arranged marriage. A brutal abduction.And a love so forbidden, it might destroy them both.

Avery Capulet is missing.Taken by a madman. Kept in the dark.She might not survive.He’ll use her body. Destroy her mind. All before he ever lays a hand on her.Rome Montague is a drug dealer. A criminal. A thief.And he needs the secrets Avery and her family are keeping – even if it means cutting them out of her pretty Capulet flesh.Rome Montague is missing – but nobody will miss him.Not that it matters; After the things he’s done to this girl, he doesn’t deserve to be found

Vicious Prince, set in the criminal underbelly of San Francisco, follows two warring families who are ruled by blood, power and twisted desire.

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