A Rogue Cowboy Finds Love

Author: Stephanie Rowe
Category: Western | Romance
Total pages: 90

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A Rogue Cowboy Finds Love

She's the only one he'll trust.

"The story just had it all. Sooo much suspense, such great characters, and so many touching moments." Five-star Goodreads Review (Riding Reviewer)

To protect her daughter, a single mom must hide out at the ranch of Jacob Hart, a reclusive loner who doesn't like people, chaos, or anyone in his space. What better place for a single mom, her sassy six-year-old, and their rambunctious puppy to spend a few days? Healing, hearts, horses, and smexy times abound!

Due to his traumatic past, billionaire rancher Jacob Hart keeps everyone at a distance, even his family. He finds solace only in helping the horses he rescues, who ask him for nothing. But when his brother needs him to house a single mom and her daughter, he's willing to do whatever it takes to protect a child in danger.

When Phoebe Sheriden meets the handsome, reclusive rancher in charge of guarding her and her daughter, a spark ignites inside her heart the moment the muscular, moody cowboy goes gently to his knees to make sure her daughter feels safe.

Neither Jacob nor Phoebe is ready to open their heart, but the close quarters and high stakes unlock secrets, passion, and even long-forgotten laughter. As emotional and sexual tensions rise, the two vulnerable souls soon find themselves forced to make an impossible choice between love and survival.