Her Billionaire's Creative Curve

Author: Anita Dobs
Category: Romance | Adult | Billionaire Romance
Total pages: 6

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Her Billionaire's Creative Curve

Curvacious para-legal secretary Jenna Sams has but one dream, to work in the art world. But her financial situation doesn't allow for it; that is, until one day, Brody Mason, a young, handsome billionaire gold magnate walks into her life. Taken by suprise by Brody, Jenna finds Brody's calm manner strangely intriguing. Yet, there seems to be something about Brody Mason that is tearing him apart inside.

Meeting Jenna, Brody feels a kinship that cannot be denied. Brody decides the only way he can get closer to the curvascious Jenna, is by employing her and her obvious artistic talents, talents that he, himself, has repressed and denied due to necessity for many a year...

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