Smokin' Hot (Smoke)

Author: Abbi Glines
Category: Romance | Crime | Adult
Total pages: 86

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Smokin' Hot (Smoke)

The mafia south of the Mason Dixon line is ruled by possessive, controlling, dangerous, alphas. Except for one. Saxon Houston has grown up the best friend of the mafia boss’s youngest son. He knew one day he’d have to play a role in the life his father and grandfather are a part of. However, he much preferred dealing with raising and training the thoroughbred race horses side of the family business.
When he falls hard and fast for a girl that ends up being the enemy’s sister, he’s ready to defend her innocence. However, she shuts him out completely. Where the girls before her had failed, Haisley Slate managed to crush him.
Two months later… when he opens the door to his hotel room and she stands there wearing a cleaning uniform, he is cruel. Seeing her makes him feel and he no longer allows that emotion when it comes to her.
There is one issue though… She’s pregnant and it’s his baby.

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