Hell on Wheels

Author: Nikki Landis
Category: Biker | Romance | MC
Total pages: 75

**This book is available for download only.
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Hell on Wheels

No one is safe in the city of sin.

Flint “Maddog” Shepherd is used to moving through the shadows.

As a Marine veteran who served two tours overseas, he’s become skilled at hiding in plain sight and eliminating the enemy.
When a bomb took the lives of his entire unit, he returned home a scarred and broken man.
The nightmares from his past still play havoc with his head.
As a result of his trauma, he gains a service dog as loyal as his Marine brothers, and everything starts to fall into place.

Maddog's connections lead him to the Royal Bastards MC, where joining the brotherhood renews his purpose.
But now he’s fighting a cesspool of crime, drugs, power, and trafficked girls.
He didn’t expect to find a young woman undercover in the sleazy underbelly of Las Vegas.
He’s the only chance Lark Simmons has to survive.
Maddog won’t rest until she’s safe and back in his arms where she belongs.

A Shadow Rider and a scarred veteran just might be Hell on Wheels.
But even Lucifer can’t control the monster he’s unleashed.
The city of sin will never be the same.
What happens in Vegas belongs to the spawn of Lucifer, the RBMC.
This Halloween, you're invited to a ride with the devil.

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