Bratva Bastard

Author: Misty Winters
Category: Romance | New Adult
Total pages: 68

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Bratva Bastard


A kind stranger calmed me down from one of the worst flights of my life.
I forgot my Xanax and started to have a panic attack, 30,000 feet in the air.
Little did I know that day would change my life forever.
Maxim Kozlov looked and acted the part of a kind stranger. He’s a massive, powerfully strong bastard with brutal, deep blue eyes that promise all kinds of delicious things. He was like something out of a dream, so I fell fast and hard.
Prior to Maxim, my life goals were simple and clear. A passionless marriage, my own yoga studio, and a secure but dull future.
I was seriously happy with these goals until he opened my eyes and showed me what real passion is like.
He makes me feel things no one ever has. Things I didn’t imagine possible.
I didn’t know what I was missing until Maxim turned my cooling embers into a raging inferno.
But Maxim is the farthest thing from a kind, sweet man. He is arrogant as hell, and trouble seems to follow him wherever he goes. He is a master of deception and destroys everything in his path.
He is a complicated man with a complicated past and a complicated present, with secrets.
His secrets not only ruined my chances of having a respectable future, they also led to my kidnapping and brought me dangerously close to losing my life.



I’m broken, dangerous, and wanted by my Bratva family’s rival.
After the mysterious disappearance of my mother, I discovered that I have three brothers, Misha, Ivan, and Dmitriy.
I sought out their help in locating our mother, only to be shot and sent to Brazil for recovery and to hide from whoever is threatening our family.
That’s when I ran into Cristiana Diaz.
The exact moment that I laid eyes on her, she became mine to possess.
I had no business even looking at a girl like Crissy. She is too young, too trusting, and far too innocent.
Touching her could be my undoing.
She’s the forbidden fruit, and being the bastard that I am, I took a bite.
I found solace in her, and she became my salvation. Her innocence has enchanted me, and now I want more of her.
I snatched her from the mundane existence she had created for herself and wrapped her in mine.
There's no way she'd expect a happy ending to her naive little fairytale if she knew the kind of man I was.

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