Trapped in the Shadows

Author: Georgia Wells
Category: Romance
Total pages: 68

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Trapped in the Shadows

I have been broken, but nobody will ever break me again. Not even if I have to break them first.

I’ve been kidnapped. Taken. Woken in a strange place full of pain and horror.

Drake Gorman is the only thing keeping me from losing my mind in the playhouse. That’s what The puppet master calls the place he’s keeping us: the playhouse.

Here, I must endure the puppet master’s game to survive. One of torture, madness, and retribution. Escape might be possible, but only if I’m willing to become as twisted as my captor.

Nothing is off-limits. Not my body, not my mind, and when it comes to Drake, not my heart.

Alone, I don’t think I’d be strong enough to do what must be done, but Drake has proven he’s willing to die for me. What’s more, he’s willing to kill for me, and he won’t leave me here to succumb to the puppet master alone. We’re in this together, whether we escape or go down fighting.

With so much blood, will I be baptized and reborn in it, or will I drown? If I’m not careful I’ll not only lose my heart but my mind as well.