Author: Katie Dowe
Category: Romance
Total pages: 81

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African American restaurant manager Chantelle Williamson is very good at her job.

And anyone could see that the feisty and fearless beauty is a perfect match for her boss’s cousin, billionaire heir Kenji Lee!

There’s just one big problem: Kenji irritates her to no end!

After an attempt on his life, Kenji had fled Korea to make a new life in the States.

He thought he would keep a low profile, but never did he expect to fall for his cousin’s employee, Chantelle!

After a fling in Chantelle’s office leaves her pregnant, she must now fight a raft of emotions about the man she both loves and hates.

And until now, Kenji has never thought about settling down, especially when danger still lurks around the corner!

Can Kenji convince Chantelle of his love?

Or will danger reach him first?