Three Hard-to-Handle Aristocrats and a Bossy Girl

American Blakely Cohen knows how to get things done, which explains why her English aristocrat boss in New York can’t do without her as his high-profile, omniscient PA.

She’s smart, confident, and bossy as heck, and she isn’t afraid to say so herself. There isn’t a crisis she can’t smooth over or a problem she can’t solve.

So, when her boss assigns her the task of ensuring his three grown sons are present for his fourth and current wife’s birthday party, Blakely flies to England and is super confident she can deliver all three grown men on her boss’s doorstep without missing a beat.

What she encounters instead is a gorgeous party animal, a superhot daredevil, and a grumpy billionaire CEO, and not one of the English noble trio does what she tells them to do.

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