Taken By the Dark Billionaires

Author: Chloe Kent
Category: Erotic | Billionaire Romance | Dark | Romance
Total pages: 41

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Taken By the Dark Billionaires

The Basilisk and the flower.

Sutton Baxter had no idea that trying to do a good deed for her best friend at work, struck down by the flu two days into her new dream job, would go so terribly wrong.

Now her friend is at risk of losing her job, and Sutton finds herself on the mysterious and foreboding billionaires' doorstep, prepared to beg on her knees that they not fire her friend.

Instead, she is mistaken for someone else, with no way out.

How long before the ominous billionaires, the owners of the Basilisk Empire realize that the girl from that dark, lascivious, ritualistic night is a lowly temp at their skyscraper office? And what’s going to happen to her when they do?

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