There I Find Trust

Author: Jessie Gussman
Category: Romance
Total pages: 58

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There I Find Trust

Chi came to Strawberry Sands to escape her past. There were a lot of things to be ashamed of there. Maybe that's why she's so eager to catch the eye of the big-name lawyer who hangs out at her diner. It will prove she's not as worthless as she feels.

At a big gala she wasn't supposed to attend, she discovers the lawyer is not only cheating on her, but married as well. She might have done more to embarrass herself, but Griff, her co-worker showed up on his bike and whisked her away. Almost like a heroine in a fairy tale, except her life is anything but a fairy tale. And Chi is far from a heroine.

Griff has done his share of things he regrets, and he can see the signs of self-destruction loud and clear in Chi. Maybe that's why he followed her to Blueberry Beach when she chased the fancy lawyer. Regardless, he was there to save her from herself, and to his surprise, she held on tight as he rode away. So far so good. Now all he has to do is convince her that appearances aren't everything, the past is under the blood, and it's what in her heart that matters.

Simple. And he has to do all that without allowing her to see how much he loves her. Because, despite his tough persona, his heart can't handle another rejection.