Claude & Amata

Author: Keri Kruspe
Category: Paranormal | Romance
Total pages: 27

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Claude & Amata

Can an immortal and a mortal live happily ever after?


Thrown together to thwart an alien invasion, Claude, a seasoned and battle-weary former spy of Earth, found himself entangled with Amata, a captivating immortal that hailed from the enigmatic planet Akurn. As their worlds collided amidst the chaos of conflict, an unstoppable force of attraction between them was unleashed, igniting an undeniable attraction that transcended their differences.

Amata is haunted by the agonizing loss of her husband to the ravages of time, making her wary of surrendering her heart to Claude. Claude, still bearing the fresh scars of his own past, fears the pain of loss after having witnessed his beloved wife succumb to cancer. Both carry the heavy weight of their grief, fiercely guarding their hearts against the possibility of enduring further anguish.

But when a malevolent criminal captures the woman Claude has lost his mortal heart to, he stops at nothing to save her. Fueled by his unyielding love, the truth becomes clear. Even though their rare love can never have a happy ending, it doesn't matter. They deserve whatever limited time they have left to be together. Facing untold danger, he defies all odds and sets out to rescue the woman he loves from an unforgiving fate.

In the desolate depths of their torment, a flicker of hope dares to rise. Together, do Claude and Amata have the courage to unravel the enigmatic tapestry of life itself to carve out a shared destiny? Or will they forever be doomed to face an eternity apart?