Author: Cassi Hart
Category: Romance | Adult
Total pages: 13

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It’s no secret that I’ve been down on my luck recently. I’m not really one to complain, but today has been especially bad. I was late to work because of car trouble, and even though it was out of my control, I still got reprimanded. Now that I’m home, I can’t focus on anything. I need to clear my head. Usually, a walk in the woods behind my house works, but not this time. No, I stumble and fall, twisting my ankle. Now I’m in the middle of nowhere and there’s something coming towards me through the trees. Is it someone coming to help me, or some nightmarishly horrible monster?


I may be a high-ranking demon with the Royal Legion at my beck and call, but even power feels lackluster after a while. I’m tired of these duties that keep me away from things that I love. To escape the stress, I find myself wandering in the mortal plane, taking in nature in all its glory. Every little plant and insect knows exactly what to do next in its life; I wish I could say the same. I need a mate to retire from the militia, but finding a mate is daunting. No one I’ve ever met before has ever appealed to me, but then a little bird quite literally stumbles across my path. Is this her? The mate I’ve been quietly searching for?

As Above, So Below.

The hunt is on. Six demonic brothers, sworn by evil to maintain the balance of nature by eliminating the creatures that bring chaos to it. Driven only by their primal instincts to find their mates so they can protect, possess and procreate with them. Only a blood moon eclipsing through the night sky will seal their bond and free them to chase their new prey. They’re cruel, dominating sinners with hardened souls, immense power and dynamic presences that won’t let anything stop them from finding and claiming their destiny.


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