One Hot Deal

Author: Anna Durand
Category: Romance | Erotic
Total pages: 65

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One Hot Deal

When a British billionaire and her American bodyguard make a baby pact, it's one hot deal.

Why is an American guy living in London? My sister got engaged to a Brit, so I ditched New York and moved here too. I never expected to meet a hot older woman who kicks my lust into overdrive. Diana Sangster is a powerful business tycoon who always gets what she wants. Now that I've signed on to serve as her bodyguard, I'll spend twenty-four hours a day with the sexiest woman I've ever met.

But that annoying other shoe just smacked down on my head.

Diana wants me to be her "donor." No, she's not asking for my kidney or my life savings. She wants to have a baby—by screwing me repeatedly until we hit the jackpot. To protect her public image and her privacy, she insists I keep our arrangement a secret. Once that stick turns pink, we go back to strictly business, and I get a sweet promotion.

I must be crazy. Why else would I accept her deal? Well, I've always loved trouble.

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