Bred for Him

Author: Jenna Rose
Category: Billionaire Romance | Erotic | Romance
Total pages: 28

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Bred for Him

Lucy Anderson is a planner. She's always planned every aspect of her life, and so far things have always worked out for her. She’s been an honor student and now she’s on her way to Yale to earn her law degree. But one day, something happens that Lucy could not have planned for.

With her plane delayed, and nowhere else to go, she is offered to stay the night with billionaire playboy, Jason Rooke. Jason sweeps Lucy off her feet while also challenging her whole outlook on life. Soon, Lucy is questioning whether her plans for her future were even hers to begin with. Or has she just been trying to please her parents all along?

But there more to this handsome prince than meets the eye. And when Lucy’s fantasy romance comes suddenly crashing down upon her, she finds herself rethinking everything she knows about herself, and about Jason Rooke as well…