Owned By a Billionaire

Author: J.J. Sorel
Category: Billionaire Romance | Erotic | Romance
Total pages: 112

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Owned By a Billionaire

Caroline Lovechilde’s past reads like a fairy tale, or at least that’s how she’s portrayed within her privileged upper-class world. But it’s all just been make-believe. Fairy dust. She’s just been playing her role so well that she could win an Oscar. When the layers are shed, she reveals a past similar to that of the daughter she abandoned.

As ghosts of the past return to haunt her, Caroline must face the consequences of her choices. The shady billionaire who helped secure her throne through a Faustian bargain is about to fall on his sword, and his downfall threatens her as well.

He owned her, after all.

Meanwhile, the man of her dreams, her unexpected soul mate, is found to carry enough dark secrets to rival her own. He is not the person he pretends to be, but then, neither is Caroline.

As she grapples with tough choices and potential heartbreak, can Caroline be cleared of the crime that launched her legacy?

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