Author: Rene Van Dalen
Category: Erotic | Romance | MC
Total pages: 167

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He walked away from the woman who awakened every single cell in his body. It was a selfish act of self preservation.
He could not allow her to break down the walls he had built around his heart. Those walls kept him safe, kept her at arm’s length.
With an ocean between them he believed she would be safe from harm.
He was wrong.
Arriving at the club’s tattoo studio with a slut on his arm was not how he imagined seeing her again.
But there she was,
He knew her at a glance, even though she looked nothing like the woman he had left behind.
His ice queen was hiding, hiding in plain sight.
Why was she hiding? Who was she hiding from? And why was he thinking of her as his?
With his club under threat he had to protect her and her child anyway he could.
Even in ways she would end up hating him for.

Watching the man you fell in love with walking away without looking back hurts like hell.
What hurts even more was the promise he demanded from you, to never contact him, ever.
A positive test blew up my carefully crafted world. It was a shock and a joy I kept to myself.
Until my ugly past reappeared.
Fear and despair raged and when offered a way out I grabbed it with both hands.
Leaving everyone I loved behind my rescuer moved us to Savannah, to HIS city.
It meant I was going back on my word, breaking my promise.
What else could I do? How else was I supposed to keep my son safe?
It crushed my heart when I saw he had move on, had a woman.
I hid my hurt, and concentrated on keeping us safe from my past. I thought we were safe.
I was wrong. So very, very wrong. We weren’t safe at all.
Not from my past and not from the present either.

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