Author: Charlotte McGinlay
Category: Romance | Biker
Total pages: 72

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I grew up spoiled,Always got what I wanted,I was arrogant, cocky,And I didn’t give a damn about anyone but myself,Until I met her,She blinded me with the pain in her eyes,I wanted to tear the world apart to rid her of her demons,She became my everything,Until I screwed up,Until I realised the pain my brother was put through while I lived it up.I took it out on her and she pushed me away not realising I was still holding on tightly,Because I wasn’t giving up, never letting her go,She was mine as I was hers,It’s just a shame I was blinded by those closest to me,Blinded by someone who wanted to tear us apart.But the question is, would they succeed or would our love pull through?


My family was my world,They put me first, made me follow my dreams,Life was perfect,Until it wasn’t,I lost my way when I lost part of my family,Living day by day trying to survive,Then he came along,He made me feel, made me alive,He became my new world, my new family,But someone wasn’t happy about it,Someone wanted to tear us apart,And the question is,Can we get through it, fighting together and come out on the other side?Or are we done before we even got started?