Author: Brielle Anne
Category: Romance
Total pages: 180

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Love is something she did not expect and he was unaware of.

Rose Evans wishes for a typical high school experience. All she wants is to spend time with her family before starting college. What she doesn’t expect is the chain of events that occur after she crosses paths with the school’s new bad boy.

Jake Henderson is a new student at Westwood High School, and it doesn’t take long for him to make a name for himself. He gets away with it simply because of his good looks and bad reputation. With the image of a player, he does not expect this one girl to say no to him.

When the first few meetings go wrong, a tendency toward hatred develops.
Two entirely opposing personalities, one as capricious as hell and the other as simple and lovely as her name.

One is known for hiding his emotions, while the other is as open as she can be.
Will polar opposites attract?

A step back from him is equivalent to two pushes toward him.
Will Jake’s murky world see a sunrise with the arrival of Rose, or will he drag her into the darkness with all the secrets surfacing?

Who will she believe as people warn her about his danger from time to time?

Will she choose to remain or leave?