Secret Twins for the Alien Dad

Author: Athena Storm
Category: Science Fiction | Romance | Paranormal
Total pages: 68

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Secret Twins for the Alien Dad

The gorgeous alien stole my heart...and left me in a family way.

When Zair sauntered into the casino where I worked his charming ways were impossible to resist. I thought I found happiness.

Until the casino turned my life upside down. It was either flee at a moment's notice or be sold to the seedy flesh clubs. My heart broke as I fled my fated mate. But I couldn’t risk it. Until I realized…

I was carrying his children.

Now I'm on the run, alone and pregnant with twins. I miss Zair more than ever. He once told me our bond transcended time and space. That he’d find me no matter where I ended.

Well, the bad guys who bought my contract are looking for me too. I hope he finds me first. Because he won’t just find his mate.

But his two kids, too.