Seaside Cowboy's Marriage of Convenience

Author: Alexa Verde
Category: Romance
Total pages: 72

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Seaside Cowboy's Marriage of Convenience

A lonely reclusive heiress, a friendly veterinarian, an act of desperation… Can people so different fill the empty parts of each other’s lives?

Poor rich girl Kennedy Crawford still blames herself for her cousin disappearing when they were children. When her loving uncle who practically raised her wants to see her married in his lifetime, she turns to Austin Lawrence, the trustworthy, reliable, town veterinarian with a golden retriever personality (and a brand new puppy to match), offering a fake engagement. But a long-hidden secret between their parents’ could tear them apart.

Austin’s had a crush on the sad, reclusive heiress for years, but the difference in their social status stopped him from approaching her. He’s not one to pretend, but how can he refuse to help her now?

What will happen to their growing feelings for each other when a new clue that Kennedy’s cousin might still be alive takes Austin and Kennedy on a dangerous journey neither one of them expected?