Baby Daddy Protector

Author: Leslie North
Category: Billionaire Romance | Romance
Total pages: 46

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Baby Daddy Protector

I need a baby. And a husband. And I need them…well, yesterday!

Between you and me, I don’t really want either. But to prevent my jerk of a cousin from running my country into the ground, it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.

My father is dying. And since I committed the grave sin of being born a girl, my horrible male cousin is next in line to inherit the throne. Thankfully, I found a loophole. A woman can rule as regent if she’s the mother of a male heir.

Now, I just need to find someone as desperate as I am.

Then my eyes fall on Zachary Raybourn. Hot. Strong. Silent. And one of the few people in my entourage I trust to be on my side, not my cousin’s. He’s a Navy SEAL who’s been tasked with protecting me while we’re in the U.S.

I need a husband and a baby. And Zachary is desperate to get back to his unit. So, I offer him a deal—an early Christmas present to each other. Marry me, get me pregnant, and he’s free.

But I wonder. When the time comes, will I want my baby daddy to go?

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