Three Times the Wilder Days

Author: Pepper Swan
Category: Romance
Total pages: 54

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Three Times the Wilder Days

Planning a wedding is easy. Planning to keep your distance from the bride’s sexy-hot brother and his deadly handsome bandmates is something else entirely.

What could possibly go wrong?

I plan happily ever afters for loving couples.
I’ve dreamt of and planned for my own happily ever after on countless occasions.
That day never came, so I’m officially giving up.

I sold my business, and I’m starting a new life.
A life without drama and without the constant hope of my own HEA.
All I have to do is get through these next few days of wedding events with my final client, and I’m home free.

Problem is, this last wedding belongs to my childhood best friend.
The best friend whose brother I’ve crushed on for half of my life.
I want to make sure she has the perfect wedding, which makes her brother totally taboo.

And did I mention that her brother’s two bandmates cause me the kind of swoons that require mouth to mouth?

Cody Days, the bride’s brother, has a killer voice and the kind of smile that trashes perfectly good panties.

Dustin Wilder’s buttery voice and smoky brown eyes cause my knees to go weak and butterflies to make a home in my tummy.

Gabe Wilder, Dustin’s older brother, has a chest and arms carved out of granite, and with his baritone voice, he can only be described as rugged perfection.

They’re off limits for all sorts of forbidden reasons.

But do I listen to my own advice when I know getting tangled up with them isn’t part of my plan?

Yeah, well… not a chance.