Love is a Game

Author: Angeline Brooks
Category: Romance
Total pages: 70

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Love is a Game

Going home is hard enough without running into your childhood enemy.
Overworked and underpaid, Sadie Connor has had enough of overtime hours and suitcase living as the “problem fixer” for a major high-end hotel chain. If she can just get the promotion she’s been chasing, she can quit the constant travel and maybe start building a life outside of work. All she needs to do is convince her company to buy the old Cypress Hotel and she’s sure the position will be hers—if that former pain-in-her-academic-record Andrew Price doesn’t best her once again.
Giving up his high-profile legal career to care for his dying mother wasn’t easy, but now that she’s passed, Andrew Price can’t bring himself to return to the big city rat race. Biding his time as the town librarian, Andrew plans to honor his mother by establishing the landmark status of the local hotel where she once worked—if only he can keep his former educational enemy from turning the charming hotel that he loves as much as his childhood home into a soulless corporate franchise.
When the two academic adversaries voted “most likely to succeed” in high school return to determine the fate of their cozy hometown’s historic hotel, their incendiary battle of wits might just ignite more than their former rivalry.