The Waterfront Way

Author: Elana Johnson
Category: Romance
Total pages: 83

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The Waterfront Way

Sage Grady is a master of transformation. She's a seasoned hairstylist who's perfected the art of change, one cut and color at a time. Yet, her own life has started to feel somewhat monotonous, almost like she's stuck in someone else's style–and she needs to shake things up.

It's not a mid-life crisis.

It's a new way of thinking, of living.

With her sister and her Supper Club friends at her side, Sage decides to return to her roots: Texas. No, she's not moving back there. But she wants the vibrancy and adventure each new day can bring that she had when owned a hobby farm in the Coastal Bend.

Sage just needs to find the right patch of land on Hilton Head Island to build her new waterfront way of life.

So she needs Tyler Parker, the man she's had exactly one date with, months ago. Ty's a real estate mogul who knows the value of every inch of Hilton Head Island, where every for-sale piece of property is, and exactly how to make Sage's dreams come true.

Her real estate dreams.

He's made a fortune flipping properties and developing luxury resorts. Yet beneath his polished exterior is a man who's been burned by love, and he's built walls higher than any of his skyscrapers.

As Sage snips, styles, and sashays her way into Ty's heart, she discovers that her way of life isn't the only transformation happening.

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